Chloé Curci, Hélène Garcia, Alice Guittard + Simon Cau


Stay Tuned !




Manuel is a proposal.
Manuel is altogether an adjective, a common noun and a common name.
Manuel is made of paper.

Manuel is neither a teacher work nor an IKEA user guide. Being an editorial project, Manuel defines itself as a fine art conception. It is an unbounded artistic platform following its own path. Each issue will address a topic in which contributions will have a visual aspect or will be written.

Picture art does not illustrate words and words do not double picture art; the two expressions add up to a progressive dialog, offering a double perception to the chosen topic. Book sizes vouch for the broached subject and uncover at each issue.

Group dynamics, Manuel aims to create sound discussion and emulation between artists and Googlers, aesthetes and cultural attachés, readers of The Sun or of The Times…

Wandering fanzine, Manuel will also feed on characters met in places where each issue will take place; its debut issue will occur in two European cities.

Project initiated by a trio, Manuel will host a fourth person, aka +1, who will be grafted to the core for the time issue.

Designed to evolve perpetually, such as a malleable and manual item, for Manuel remains a proposal.

The first issue, 0, will be dedicated to “The Death of the Icon”, voluble topic if any… Claude Lévêque, Thomas Lélu, Eric Pougeau, Thomas Mailender, Pierre Ardouvin are already contributing, as well as various artists, writers, journalists...